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Tips on How to Paint Your Home Conveniently 

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There always comes a time that you just can’t help yourself but make simple upgrades at home like change the paint job of your walls. Luckily, this will surely give your home a new vibrant look. But, the downside is that there are just a lot of mishaps that could happen during the process of painting. Paint is a hard material to handle and accidents are most likely to occur, hopefully these tips and hacks can help you have a convenient and safe painting process.   

Home Conveniently

First and foremost, dust is a major hindrance from giving you the finished product you envisioned in your mind. You have to make sure that the walls are thoroughly cleaned so the paint can properly set and prevent lumps from appearing. A common problem that you will get during a paint job in your home will be paint drippings falling on your floor. People usually choose plastic to cover the area of the floor but this way may be dangerous because the surface is slippery.  

A good alternative for this is through using old table cloth that you do not use. You will have good friction on your feet and you will be able to reuse this each time you have a new project. Paint trays are one of the hassles you have to go through after each painting session. It can be a challenge to wash the paint away when it has hardened and if you don’t remove it well it can be hard to reuse the next time. Or, if you want to get rid of this task, you can also consider using a spray paint. 

Try covering it with plastic the next time, it will create a layer of protection that will be easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the plastic and dispose of it, you will be able reuse your tray a lot more this way. Some people are immune to the smell of paint and don’t seem to be affected by it at all. Others can’t stand it and are force to be another room during the paint job.  

If you want to be able to enter the room during this process you can try putting a few drops of vanilla extract in the can of paint. This will create a strong vanilla fragrance that will be more soothing to the senses. When you want to paint your walls quicker it will be important to try and get as much coverage as you can with your strokes. You can finish your work as fast as possible if you use a consistent pattern that is stretched throughout the whole wall. After you have created your own pattern, all you have to do is fill in the blank spaces which will be faster than other types of strokes. People tend to think that brushes do not have a long lifespan because when their bristles harden it is hard for them to clean it properly.  

A good way of softening the bristles is by marinating it in fabric softener. Not only will it make it silky soft but it will have a nice fresh fragrance afterwards. Lastly, while it’s good that you choose to paint on your own, it’s still highly recommended that you hire a professional as they can help you decide for the right exterior house colors. 

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